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Bringing Happiness Home

Our story of adopting a sweet angel & beginning our lives as a family.

  1. Adoption Is....

    Adoption is... Beautiful Emotional Hard Powerful Expensive Humbling Testing Exciting Exhausting Heart-wrenching Wonderful Passion-fullfilling Amazing Long Patience-Inducing Joyous Thrilling Tiring Loving Painful Miraculous And MOST of all... Adoption is worth it. Every bump in the road, every valley, has it's purpose. Because eventually, you end up here... <3… Read Full Post

  2. When we come home....

    Hi Everyone! We are SO excited to be coming home soon. But before we do we wanted to be sure to let everyone know what to "expect" from us and from Asher upon returning home. Asher has done an amazing job so far transitioning into our family and bonding with… Read Full Post

  3. A short update!

    (I'm terrible at thinking of titles!) Any who, Asher came back to the apartment with us on Thursday June 11 :) That night he was visibly upset. Not that either of us could blame him, everything he's ever know just completely changed. It's a huge transition and we knew it'd take… Read Full Post

  4. FINALLY!!!

    Yesterday we had court @ 5:10 pm (OUR time). The judge heard our petition and asked us questions. I, luckily, did not need to speak much. Justin did most of the talking (phew!) though it was not nearly as scary as I thought it might be! Our court ended at… Read Full Post

  5. We are HERE!

    After a long journey half way across the world, we finally made it! We all crashed in the room around 3 AM. Once we got up we were able to grab some food and head over the orphanage. Asher was sleeping (nap time) so we couldn't see him right away.… Read Full Post

  6. HERE WE GO!!!

    WE LEAVE TONIGHT (SUNDAY) TO GO GET OUR LITTLE GUY!!! Please pray for safe travels, smooth transition & a quick process! We are ready to get him HOME! :) To everyone who supported us, whether through prayer, financially, throwing showers, donating items, and many many more ways, THANK YOU!!!! We can't… Read Full Post