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Bringing Happiness Home

Our story of adopting a sweet angel & beginning our lives as a family.

  1. Dossier & Starfish :)

    It's done. We completed our dossier! It's D . O . N . E . DONE. I can't quite believe it. Last week we submitted it to our homestudy agency & It was the most freeing yet nerve wracking moment of my life. (Lady at FedEx probably thought I was a WHACK-JOB..it's what… Read Full Post

  2. :) :) We have a walker!

    Last week we got an update on our little man. Our last update hasn't been since March! At that point he was just about to start walking and now....we have a walker! I'M A PROUD MOMMY!! He is moving and grooving in this last video. I very much wish… Read Full Post

  3. HELP (& an update!)

    HELP. A four letter word that a lot of people (including myself) tend not to use often. Why? Well, because we don’t want to be a ‘burden’ or cause issues for others. Or because we just want to do it ourselves. I’ve been thinking about this word a… Read Full Post

  4. Bringing Happiness Home

    I love the quote: "Be the reason someone smiles today" So many people throughout this process have brought smiles to our faces. They have shown selflessness, generosity & kindness. People have wanted to be a part of the story of bringing this little boy home. They want to help...just… Read Full Post

  5. Yes, that just happened. :)

    Well, it's been a while. Too long. MUCH has happened. Where to start... Let's see... wellllll this happened: Yes, Asher will be a big brother when he gets home! (YES: We are still adopting) Just to clarify, we never wanted to adopt because we 'couldn't have children' (not that anything… Read Full Post

  6. Small Victories

    To the outside world it probably seems as though we have made little or no progress in our adoption process. I swear we have! We have compiled loads and loads of paperwork, chased down mail, took numerous tests and courses, answered an obscene amount of personal questions, learned a ton… Read Full Post