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Bringing Happiness Home

Our story of adopting a sweet angel & beginning our lives as a family.

  1. Down Right Amazing.

    This is Asher. He is 3 years old. He loves riding in his car around the living room & playing with his little sister, Jaylyn. He loves balloons, bubbles & blocks. He likes to scream loud & sing even louder. He can dance until his legs are too tired to… Read Full Post

  2. Shirts!

    Hi Everyone! We are currently running a shirt sale to help support Asher & raise awareness. The sale is running until September 7. Please consider purchasing one! Here is the link. On September 27th, everyone who has purchased a shirt will wear them & snap a pic & post it… Read Full Post

  3. It's Been Too Long

    Dear Everyone, Sorry about our lack of updates via this blog! We've just been a "little" busy. Asher has been to the doctor at least twice a week since we've been home and there have been a lot of things to take care of. So I hope I can enlighten… Read Full Post

  4. Adoption Is....

    Adoption is... Beautiful Emotional Hard Powerful Expensive Humbling Testing Exciting Exhausting Heart-wrenching Wonderful Passion-fullfilling Amazing Long Patience-Inducing Joyous Thrilling Tiring Loving Painful Miraculous And MOST of all... Adoption is worth it. Every bump in the road, every valley, has it's purpose. Because eventually, you end up here... <3… Read Full Post

  5. When we come home....

    Hi Everyone! We are SO excited to be coming home soon. But before we do we wanted to be sure to let everyone know what to "expect" from us and from Asher upon returning home. Asher has done an amazing job so far transitioning into our family and bonding with… Read Full Post

  6. A short update!

    (I'm terrible at thinking of titles!) Any who, Asher came back to the apartment with us on Thursday June 11 :) That night he was visibly upset. Not that either of us could blame him, everything he's ever know just completely changed. It's a huge transition and we knew it'd take… Read Full Post