Down Right Amazing.

This is Asher. He is 3 years old. He loves riding in his car around the living room & playing with his little sister, Jaylyn. He »


Hi Everyone! We are currently running a shirt sale to help support Asher & raise awareness. The sale is running until September 7. Please consider purchasing »

It's Been Too Long

Dear Everyone, Sorry about our lack of updates via this blog! We've just been a "little" busy. Asher has been to the doctor at »

Adoption Is....

Adoption is... Beautiful Emotional Hard Powerful Expensive Humbling Testing Exciting Exhausting Heart-wrenching Wonderful Passion-fullfilling Amazing Long Patience-Inducing Joyous Thrilling Tiring Loving Painful Miraculous And MOST of »

When we come home....

Hi Everyone! We are SO excited to be coming home soon. But before we do we wanted to be sure to let everyone know what to »