:) :) We have a walker!

Last week we got an update on our little man. Our last update hasn't been since March! At that point he was just about to start walking and now....we have a walker! I'M A PROUD MOMMY!! He is moving and grooving in this last video. I very much wish I could post it for the world to see but, unfortunately I can't. Believe me when I say though, it's the cutest thing you'll ever see! (I've watched it 30+ times now). Don't worry, I am sure when he comes home I will lose some facebook friends with all the pictures & videos I'll be posting of him ;-) . He is SO sweet and I am SO overjoyed to be his soon-to-be mama :)

This definitely gave us the push we needed to finish up everything that needs finished. This weekend we plan to have a notary come over and notarize all of our documents. Then on Monday we are driving down to Richmond, VA to get all of our documents apostilled (basically a fancy seal that proves the notary we have is real) and then off our documents go! I cannot believe we're FINALLY seeing the light!

Timeline....originally we were told from dossier submission to court (when we offically have him as ours) is on average 12 months. So we are still sticking to that time line however, if it happened a little faster I don't think we'd complain. I'd love to have him here in the summer of next year but it's all God's perfect timing, not ours.

So prayers that we can get everything we need completed, notarized & apostilled this week. We appreciate every prayer we can get!

Have a GREAT Friday & wonderful weekend :)