A short update!

(I'm terrible at thinking of titles!) Any who, Asher came back to the apartment with us on Thursday June 11 :) That night he was visibly upset. Not that either of us could blame him, everything he's ever know just completely changed. It's a huge transition and we knew it'd take time for him to adjust. He immediately took to Justin. He laid on his lap pretty much all night. Justin sang to him and just held him until he seemed comfortable enough. Then together we got him ready for bed. One of the things was washing him off. We were told that he liked getting baths....he doesn't. And I'll leave it at that. He was completely fine after and we were able to put him down to sleep, which he fell asleep almost immediately. He slept through the night. Totally not what I had anticipated but we were pleasantly surprised!

The next few days just got better and better. He has warmed up to Jaylyn and will bring her toys to play with & he will even sit next close to her ;-) He LOVES walks, he will bring over his stroller and attempt to get into it so as to indicate he is ready for a walk. He is starting to finally eat solids (and a lot of them) for us. Originally, he wasn't eating solids but more pureed food, due to a reaction from the chemotherapy. He is signing some words for us! So far, "more", "please", "drink" and sometimes "eat". He is truly amazing. His smile is contangious...just take a look for yourself :)


Today we have a medical appointment for his visa. We should hopefully receive his passport tomorrow. Please pray that we can somehow get him home earlier than expected. He NEEDS to see a doctor, an oncologist. We appreciate every prayer!

Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey :)

P.S. here is a video Justin had made after our first trip in March to meet him :) Enjoy!