And so it begins….

When Justin & I got married we had discussed the "idea" of adopting a little child with Down Syndrome. We always thought it would be nice but it never seemed to become more than an idea or thought.

A website called crossed our path and changed our "thought" into a reality. I (Lindsay) began to do research on what these sweet babies endure in other countries and it was absolutely, heart breaking.

After coming to this realization we knew we had to do something.

We scrolled through the pages of kids and smiled, laughed and cried. And then we saw him, we both just felt so drawn to Asher. He had our hearts immediately. So we inquired about him. We were thrilled to hear he hadn't been adopted yet but was in need a of a loving family to bring him home. So we prayed and we prayed and we prayed ! Finally, without a doubt we knew that God was calling us to do something that would require a ton of faith.

And so it begins....

We are THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE we have begun the process towards bringing him home!