Bringing Happiness Home

I love the quote:

"Be the reason someone smiles today"

So many people throughout this process have brought smiles to our faces. They have shown selflessness, generosity & kindness. People have wanted to be a part of the story of bringing this little boy home. They want to help...just because. The fact that someone is willing to give up their time or money to help us, truly touches my heart.

Be the reason someone smiles. I wanted to share with you the thought behind why we titled our blog "Bringing Happiness Home". It starts with our little guys soon to be name. Asher.

Then Leah said, "How happy I am! The women will call me happy." So she named him Asher. -Genesis 30:13

Asher is the name for happiness. What could be a more perfect name for a little boy who has already brought us so much happiness? Everytime I think of the firsts we will be able to experience with him or the smile he may get on his face when he accomplishes a task that he has worked so hard on, the thought of those bring a huge smile to my face.

When we first saw his little smile we knew that God had piereced our hearts for him. Some things are just unexplainable. I hope that everyone can experience such a clear calling as this because it's awesome. When God calls you to do something...there's not much more you can do but to follow him. And I can't wait to see where he brings us as a family.

Today I want to challenge you with this idea....the idea of "being the reason someone smiles". I challenge you to go to Reece's Rainbow& look through the different children & families. To look at their smiles or lack there of and pray over one or two or three of them and if you are so led, to donate to that child or that family. I gaurentee, if you do this today... you will be the one who is smiling. :)

Help bring happiness home :)

Happy Monday!