Dossier & Starfish :)

It's done. We completed our dossier! It's D . O . N . E . DONE. I can't quite believe it. Last week we submitted it to our homestudy agency & It was the most freeing yet nerve wracking moment of my life. (Lady at FedEx probably thought I was a's what I do best :-D..) So now, we wait. Our agency will let us know when they send it over to Asher's country. And THEN, we wait...again. (There's a lot of waiting in this process, did you sense that?) So just for fun.. a little timeline of our journey thus far:

Inquiries Began: 1/16
Application Approved: 2/17
Homestudy started: 3/10
Homestudy received: 5/21
I-800a shipped: 5/26
Fingerprinted: 6/18
I800a approved: 7/31
Dossier shipped (to agency): 9/24
....And now we wait ;-)

While we wait, I wanted to share this story.....

Tell me that didn't just jab you in the heart? I love love love this story, it tells so much in just a few words. We've all heard these words thousands of times, "You can't change the world.." & likely those words are "right" however we CAN make a difference to one (or two or three) child's world. We can change their world from a cold, forgotten, and unloving world to a loving, warm & memorable world! & So many amazing people are doing this & it makes my heart just burst. & Maybe, God is pulling on your heart strings to start the same journey? I tell you don't ignore Him, He's not going anywhere ;-) I promise.

As for us....please keep praying for a successful journey for us & again we thank you for your support thus far!!