Down Right Amazing.

This is Asher. He is 3 years old.

He loves riding in his car around the living room & playing with his little sister, Jaylyn. He loves balloons, bubbles & blocks. He likes to scream loud & sing even louder. He can dance until his legs are too tired to stand. He loves to laugh and rough house with his Daddy. (He loves it when Daddy throws him high up in the air!)

Asher was born with something a little extra. He was born with Down Syndrome. When he was a day old, he was left in the hospital because he has Down Syndrome. And because he has Down Syndrome he spent the first 3 years of his life in an orphanage.

BUT...he was ADOPTED because we fell in love with him & knew that we were meant to be his parents. We quite honestly didn't care that he had Down Syndrome because he was our son. (The fact that he Down Syndrome was just an extra blessing!)

October is Down Syndrome awareness month. We want you to be aware of just how awesome Asher is. The extra chromosome he has does not make him "weird" or "scary". It makes him extra awesome!

Down Syndrome does not define who Asher is. Asher is NOT Down Syndrome. Asher is Asher.

...He is quite honestly, the coolest kid, the strongest little boy & the most handsome little man I've ever met.