It's Been Too Long

Dear Everyone,

Sorry about our lack of updates via this blog! We've just been a "little" busy. Asher has been to the doctor at least twice a week since we've been home and there have been a lot of things to take care of. So I hope I can enlighten most of you with a quick update tonight.

Cancer & Chemo

For the past month Asher has been going through a phase of chemotherapy called "Delayed Intensification". This is a very difficult phase of treatment. It is "intense" as the name says. Two of the past four weeks were "Dex Weeks". These were weeks when Asher was on a steroid, "Dex", that made him pretty unpleasant. It can cause some nasty mood swings which isn't pleasant for anyone involved. But hey, we survived.

This week we are waiting for Asher's blood counts to go up. His ANC (which is basically his antibacterial fighting count) needs to reach 750 in order to begin the next part of this phase. It's extremely disheartening to hear that his ANC is so low considering when we brought him in it was almost 5,000! However, I know that this is what has to happen to help heal his little body. I just keep praying that God works miracles and protects him from diseases & infection.

So far, he honestly has done pretty well with the treatment. He hasn't had any serious side effects but he just sometimes is extremely tired. Please keep our little guy in your prayers, we seriously appreciate it.

Bonding & LOVE!

Asher has far exceeded any expectation I've had in this area. His transition was almost seamless. It's as if he has been here all along. He's been a true blessing to us and I can't wait to see how his story continues to unfold over the coming years.

He LOVES his room & his sister (most of the time...unless she takes one of his toys!) He loves to swing & dance in the living room. He enjoys car rides & stroller rides. He does NOT like the carwash (you can ask Justin about that one!) He is extremely receptive. He understands most of what we ask him to do and he mimics everything we do. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Second Snack, well those are just his favorite times of day :o)

We love love love having him home. It's been a roller coaster rides of ups and downs to get here. But we couldn't be happier to have him!

I am going to do my best to keep this updated as much as possible. But if you haven't already, "like" our FB page. I try to update there frequently.

& As always, thanks for your love and support!