Jonah & the Big Fish

We all have heard the story of Jonah. God asked him to go and preach to the city of Nineveh. But instead of following what God asked him to do, Jonah ran. God created a big storm to show Jonah his power, to try and turn him the right way. Jonah still did not listen. He jumped ship and that's when the big fish swallowed him whole.

It took a great fish to help Jonah realize he was doing wrong and he needed to follow what God had called him to do.

It didn't take a fish to get our attention about what God has called us to do, but like Jonah, we too, orginally ran from what God called us to do.<quote


The first time I told Justin what had been pulling at my heart, this desire to adopt a child with special needs. This burning passion I had...I remember us saying, "Well, that's something we can do later in life, after we have our own kids.."etc, etc...So we had decided to help others adopt by donating to children on the site.

However, that tugging at my heart, did not go away. Once we started learning more and more about how these awesome, beautiful individuals are treated so poorly in other countries, we knew we couldn't save the world, but we could at least change one amazing little boys life.

It was loud and clear, as if someone yelled "Fire! Fire!" A sense of urgency fell over us. It wasn't something we were supposed to wait on any longer. We prayed and we prayed and we prayed.

Everytime we prayed we got the same answer, we were supposed to give a special kiddo a forever home & not just any kid, but one that the world views as "imperfect". We were called to adopt a child with special needs.

So, we stopped running. We took a leap of faith knowing that God had us in his hands. Now, we need to rely on the fact that he is in control and that he will provide the finances, time and patience that we would require.

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