November 18th :)

It's been a while since we've updated on our process. Not much has changed, we are just waiting on our dossier to be approved overseas. Once that is approved, we will be given travel dates to go and meet Asher! Until then, we wait...

On November 18th we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Jaylyn Rose Mack. She is wonderful and I can't believe she is mine. Asher will now have a little sister to come home to. My mind can't quite comprehend all of it...:) but My heart is so happy!

Lately, I've been comparing the two processes of bringing each of our children into our family. How pregnancy is and how adoption is.

Pregnancy is very physical. Physically, it's taxing and can be very difficult. You can feel your body changing, the growth of the child and eventually you see the birth of the child. It is all "relatively" predictable. You know that eventually you will end up with a child. There are also a lot of "hands" in the birth process, they physically are there and then once the child is out, they are gone. Physically, the pregnancy process can be frustrating, long and hard.

Adoption, however, is very emotional, not to say there isn't an emotional aspect to pregnancy, however, during the adoption process you're wondering "when" or "how". The emotional roller coaster is very unpredictable. You're adoption may take a year or two or three.... It's unpredictable and sadly some parents do not end up with a child. It's all disheartening. In adoption, you have so many "hands" in the process as well, but these hands aren't necessarily physically on you but they are sorting through your paperwork, your life, deciding YOUR fate. It's frustrating and long and hard. Adoption is so different from pregnancy.

My heart breaks every time I think about how much longer my son has to be without a family or how he has to spend yet another birthday in the orphanage. I am so excited to be able to bring him home and for our family to be "whole".