Our First Visit

Just a little bit about our first visit...

Last week we were blessed by being able to visit our little boy. He amazed us. He was active, happy and SO smart! He impressed us with all he could do and made us laugh and smile. Let's just say "Asher" is the most appropriate name for him :)
The first meeting he wanted Justin's camera, and would chase him around the room trying to get it from him. He LOVES Justin. In the orphanage there is not a lot of men, so Justin was something new and exciting. Plus, he could throw him up in the air! :)
The following days just got better and better. When we would walk in, Asher would recognize us and immediately walked towards us. We were able to play with him outside. He LOVES the teeter totter & slide. He could do those for hours. He is also very interested in balls and blocks.
He was able to stack lego blocks without any assistance. This is phenomenal for his motor skills. He also is able to walk around with very few falls :) He loves the indoor rockers too. Let's just say, he is definitely an active little boy! Which we couldn't be happier about. Despite his chemotherapy, he continues to be active and happy. He does sleep a lot during the day but is active when he is awake :)
He is honestly such a happy little boy. He is loved by the caretakers and staff. Which definitely says a lot.
The part that hurts the most though, was leaving him. That was harder than anyone can ever explain. Yes, he is loved. But nothing can replace the love of a mom & a dad. Nothing. Unfortunately, the orphanage does not have a lot. There are many things that they could use, they do the best with what they have but let's be honest...an orphanage, no matter the circumstances, is no place for a child.
I won't go into details of what we saw there, but we need to get him home ASAP. Please pray that this process goes quickly. We need to bring him home so he can be seen by a doctor HERE in the STATES. He needs a clean & safe place to lay his head a night. He needs a good bath & a big hug from his mama & papa. Please pray with us? Prayer is powerful!!!!