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Bringing Happiness Home

Our story of adopting a sweet angel & beginning our lives as a family.

  1. FINALLY!!!

    Yesterday we had court @ 5:10 pm (OUR time). The judge heard our petition and asked us questions. I, luckily, did not need to speak much. Justin did most of the talking (phew!) though it was not nearly as scary as I thought it might be! Our court ended at… Read Full Post

  2. We are HERE!

    After a long journey half way across the world, we finally made it! We all crashed in the room around 3 AM. Once we got up we were able to grab some food and head over the orphanage. Asher was sleeping (nap time) so we couldn't see him right away.… Read Full Post

  3. HERE WE GO!!!

    WE LEAVE TONIGHT (SUNDAY) TO GO GET OUR LITTLE GUY!!! Please pray for safe travels, smooth transition & a quick process! We are ready to get him HOME! :) To everyone who supported us, whether through prayer, financially, throwing showers, donating items, and many many more ways, THANK YOU!!!! We can't… Read Full Post

  4. Trip 1 Day 3-5

    I am officially the worst blogger on the planet. I would never survive if this was my job :) Sorry for the delay everyone! Here is the blog about the rest of our trip :) Day 3 We were able to spend a lot more time with Asher on this day. We… Read Full Post


    I've already written about our first trip. Now that we've been home for a while and I've been able to process all that went on, I thought I might share a little more detailed account of our first visit with Asher. We left late on Saturday night, I had to… Read Full Post

  6. Our First Visit

    Just a little bit about our first visit... Last week we were blessed by being able to visit our little boy. He amazed us. He was active, happy and SO smart! He impressed us with all he could do and made us laugh and smile. Let's just say "Asher" is… Read Full Post