:) :) We have a walker!

Last week we got an update on our little man. Our last update hasn't been since March! At that point he was just about to start »

HELP (& an update!)

HELP. A four letter word that a lot of people (including myself) tend not to use often. Why? Well, because we don’t want to be »

Bringing Happiness Home

I love the quote: "Be the reason someone smiles today" So many people throughout this process have brought smiles to our faces. They have »

Yes, that just happened. :)

Well, it's been a while. Too long. MUCH has happened. Where to start... Let's see... wellllll this happened: Yes, Asher will be a big brother when »

Small Victories

To the outside world it probably seems as though we have made little or no progress in our adoption process. I swear we have! We have »