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Bringing Happiness Home

Our story of adopting a sweet angel & beginning our lives as a family.

  1. Yes, that just happened. :)

    Well, it's been a while. Too long. MUCH has happened. Where to start... Let's see... wellllll this happened: Yes, Asher will be a big brother when he gets home! (YES: We are still adopting) Just to clarify, we never wanted to adopt because we 'couldn't have children' (not that anything… Read Full Post

  2. Small Victories

    To the outside world it probably seems as though we have made little or no progress in our adoption process. I swear we have! We have compiled loads and loads of paperwork, chased down mail, took numerous tests and courses, answered an obscene amount of personal questions, learned a ton… Read Full Post

  3. Do Something

    Update: We are in the final stages of completing our homestudy. We are waiting on a few clearances to come back and our completed report. Once this is done we will be applying to USCIS for approval to adopt. :) Lately I've been in love with the song "Do Something" by… Read Full Post

  4. Timeline

    A lot of people have asked what the timeline is like for us to bring home our little guy. We have nothing set in stone nor can we give a specific time but we have a general idea of when things will happen. Here it is: Home study completed by… Read Full Post

    on Our journey, Down syndrome

  5. Updates are the best!

    We recieved an update of our little guy. They sent us pictures, videos, and a brief update letting us know how he was doing (& he is doing very well!) It made our whole day! I wish I could share them with you but unfortunately we are not allowed to… Read Full Post

  6. Jonah & the Big Fish

    We all have heard the story of Jonah. God asked him to go and preach to the city of Nineveh. But instead of following what God asked him to do, Jonah ran. God created a big storm to show Jonah his power, to try and turn him the right way.… Read Full Post