Small Victories

To the outside world it probably seems as though we have made little or no progress in our adoption process. I swear we have! We have compiled loads and loads of paperwork, chased down mail, took numerous tests and courses, answered an obscene amount of personal questions, learned a ton about our adoption process, sent in lots of money and finally finished step 1 of the process. We are now just waiting on the notorized copy of our homestudy and we can move to step 2:

Home study completed by May

Application to USCIS currently taking an average of 2-3 months

Submission of our dossier after approval from USCIS

Travel first trip to meet him 4-6 months after submission of dossier

Second trip to bring him home 4-6 months after first trip

On average it takes 12 months from submission of dossier to court
*my best guess right now is he will be coming home sometime next summer

It may look like a few steps but there are about a million and five steps in between (not an exaggeration--ok maybe a little). However, each time we finish and accomplish a "little" task, I do a little happy dance.

So THANK you for all of your prayers and support. AND THANK YOU for your love and recognition. We apprecaite it and we will keep needing all of this for a while! Every little bit counts and we apprecaite every kind word, every donation, every act of kindess, it means the world to us.

More to come soon :) Until then we will keep trucking :)

-The Macks