Starting the Climb

Now that we've started the process, there seems to be a gigantic mountain of paperwork ahead of us. We are starting 'the climb'. If you've opened our Reece's Rainbow FSP page, you will see that we are in the homestudy process. A homestudy is basically a compilation of your life in a neat (& large) pile of paper. We're running around getting all sorts of paper work signed, sealed and delivered. It's all going to be so worth it, and I can't wait!

As well, we are compiling our dossier (doss-e-ay). This is another compilation of tons of paperwork that we send to the country we are adopting from. It's kind of like a super detailed portfolio of your life & lots of government documents and seals proving that it's for real :)

What can we use right now?

Prayer ....
That is HUGE right now. We need lots of it & we appreciate every little bit that we get!

Support.... Any way that you can! We appreciate any bit of support someone can give. If it's kind words, or words of encouragement, financially, spiritually, anything. We appreciate every single person who is supporting us right now & we thank you SO much.

We have so much further to go but we want to thank everyone who is showing their love to us & Asher. We will be updating this blog as often as we can and we look forward to you sharing this journey with us!!!