A lot of people have asked what the timeline is like for us to bring home our little guy. We have nothing set in stone nor can we give a specific time but we have a general idea of when things will happen. Here it is:

  • Home study completed by May

  • Application to USCIS currently taking an average of 2-3 months

  • Submission of our dossier after approval from USCIS

  • Travel first trip to meet him 4-6 months after submission of dossier

  • Second trip to bring him home 4-6 months after first trip

  • On average it takes 12 months from submission of dossier to court (when we can bring him home

So like I said its all very general, but my best guess is sometime in the summer of 2015 we will be on the plane with our sweet boy 😊

Thank you all for your comstant support! We will do our best to keep this updated for everyone ❤️