Trip 1 Day 3-5

I am officially the worst blogger on the planet. I would never survive if this was my job :) Sorry for the delay everyone! Here is the blog about the rest of our trip :)

Day 3

We were able to spend a lot more time with Asher on this day. We were able to take him outside on the play ground, which was TONS of fun. In the morning, we took him out and see-sawed with him, swang with him and put him down the slide, over and over and over :) Then when it was lunch time and nap time. I was asked if I wanted to try and feed him this day. I tried. Haha. He was not having it. The caregivers normally feed them very quickly and don't give them a chance to say no. (They have 9 kids to feed in a short amount of time) But I was trying to very gentle and easy with him. Half of the food ended up on the floor and the other half wasn't eaten. I felt pretty bad about that.... But hopefully once we bring him home, it will get a little easier as he gets used to me or Justin feeding him. Once it was nap time, we were asked to leave and we ventured around the city or a while before we headed back to his orphanage. We were able to sightsee and grab lunch. We headed back for the afternoon with toys in hand! Little man wasn't feeling too good that afternoon and didn't really want to be put down, instead he wanted to be held, which was actually very nice (bonding time)! So we took turns walking him around and holding him. At some point, we were able to use the bubble gun outside with him. I think Justin and I had more fun with it than he did, haha! But overall, he just enjoyed being outside. This same day we were able to see him play with some building blocks. That boy has some GREAT fine motor skills. We were very impressed! It came time for us to leave we said our "Bacca's" (good-byes) and headed back to our apartment.

Day 4

This day was a VERY difficult one. Asher had to go to the hospital for his chemotherapy. We were able to take him this time. We dropped him off and had to return later after the drugs were administered. When we returned, my heart quite literally sank. The hospital was terrible. It was not what Americans are used to seeing. The rooms had 3-4 kids per room. Very very small rooms. There wasn't anything besides beds and a (unusable) sink. In the bathrooms down the hall, there wasn't any soap or toilet paper. Three out of the four toilets were out of order. The walls were not even walls, they were some type of other material jus separating the rooms. The floors were unclean and cracked cement. It was extremely hard to see the little boy you care so much for in such a place where he was receiving chemotherapy, a drug that reduces the immune system. I just had hoped for a little better. I realize it is all his country has but it was still very hard to see. Despite all that, our little guy was still bee-bopping around happy as a clam. Justin ran up and down the halls with him, lifting him up and flying him around. The other patients and families were talking about us and staring. Everyone knew who Asher was. They all talked to him. But the funny thing is, he could've cared less. Haha, he was just there walking around like nothing in the world was wrong. So sweet and so innocent. When we left, I didn't say a word. I couldn't. I had no words.

Day 5

Good-bye day. This was the hardest of them all. After leaving yesterday, my heart was shattered and broken. We needed to bring him home...and SOON. I just prayed there was a way we could get him home sooner. We played with him all morning and when it was time to say good-bye. My heart sank. I wasn't sure if I'd cry but when it came to it, I was a blubbering mess. I held on to him and kept saying we will be back, we will be back. I just wish he knew what I was saying, "Mama and Papa are coming back little guy, we will be back soon to bring you home." Then Justin said good bye. A mess, I was a complete mess. One of the caregivers came up to me and comforted me, I had no idea what she was saying but I knew it was kind. She wiped my face and gave me a huge hug. They walked us out to the front door and we just keep waving and crying. It was incredibly difficult. One that is unexplainable. As I type this my heart is twisting and gut is just sick. I wish that on nobody. I am so thankful for a husband who was strong enough to just comfort me on our ride to the ministry of justice. We were also greeted again by our friends we had met on the way over. They had just said good-bye as well. SO hard.

When we arrived at the ministry of justice, we met with the minster and he asked us for photos of our visit and a few other questions. When he asked me about the conditions of the hospital, I didn't know what to say. He asked for the truth and all I could muster up was "It wasn't good." At that point, he had promised he would do everything in his power to expedite things for us. So that we could get Asher home and in better care....
...Here we are two months later and he held true to his promise. We are SO thankful. In about a month or so, we should be on our way to pick up our son. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL. His timing is perfect and we should never doubt his goodness.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our trip. I am going to try to keep this updated as much as I can within the next month. Bare with me!