Prayer is Powerful

Two weeks ago we received some heart breaking news in regards to our little Asher. Our agency called us to tell us that he has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments weekly because in December he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Obviously this shocked and devastated us. For the past few weeks we have been praying and praying for him. We've asked for prayer & we've received so much love & support.

We did recieve some more news that sounded very hopeful in regards to his diagnosis however we are waiting on more information before we get our hopes up too high.

Asher is alone. He is alone in another country and he is sick. He is sick and he doesn't have his family there to let him know everything is going to be OK. It's so difficult to know that there is literally nothing we can do. However, we can pray and pray and PRAY.

Luckily, they told us this would NOT delay the process of our adoption. So our prayer is that maybe, somehow, this would expedite it. We can only pray.

I can't understand why this is happening but I am praying, praying hard that the treatments will do their job and that Asher will be cancer free soon and live a long and happy life here with us. He deserves that more than anyone.

So we ask, now more than EVER, please pray for him. Pray that he heals quickly, pray that he comes home quickly and pray that we can do whatever it takes to get him better and bring him home as soon as possible.

Thank you all.