We are HERE!

After a long journey half way across the world, we finally made it! We all crashed in the room around 3 AM. Once we got up we were able to grab some food and head over the orphanage. Asher was sleeping (nap time) so we couldn't see him right away. But we met with director (who is a wonderful woman!) and spoke with her about the plan to get him out and how to continue (or not) with his treatments for his Leukemia.

We were able to get back to the room so Jaylyn could sleep (and let's be honest we napped a bit too!) before the big visit! :) We were brought to the orphanage around 4 and it was truly a dream. Jaylyn met her big brother! He, unfortunately, wasn't feeling the best due to the effects of the chemotherapy but was extremely loving and cuddly with us. We took our first family photo (which we will FINALLY be allowed to post soon) and truly, it couldn't have been better.

We have a loving sweet little man who we cannot wait to bring home! Tomorrow is court. We will then be waiting on the decree from the court and then our process in country can begin. We are anxiously waiting to bring him home!

Thank you for praying! Please keep them coming!

-Lindsay & Justin