Yes, that just happened. :)

Well, it's been a while. Too long. MUCH has happened. Where to start...
Let's see... wellllll this happened:


Yes, Asher will be a big brother when he gets home!

(YES: We are still adopting) Just to clarify, we never wanted to adopt because we 'couldn't have children' (not that anything is wrong with this) we wanted to adopt because God called us to do it, because these kids, our SON, needs a family to love them, because living in a crib for life is NOT a life. We wanted to make "one less orphan" in the world. SO YES, we are still adopting. :)

We are excited, anxious and kind of shocked! A lot can happen in the year and a half to two years that it takes to adopt, including growing a human being! :) We can't wait to meet our little one and for Asher to come home so that our family can be complete! We know God has big plans for us and we cannot wait to see where He takes us.

Other updates!

Most recently, we completed our 'biometrics' for USCIS approval. Our whaaaaaat? Basically, we had to get our fingerprints done (AGAIN) for USCIS to approve us because the other times we've done it weren't enough ;-)

We've submitted all of the necessary documents to USCIS, we've done our biometrics, now we wait. This whole process is very much, HURRY UP & WAIT. But I know once we get to hold our little guy in our arms, it will all be worth it.

If you could, please pray that USCIS approves us without issue and we can get our dossier done and submitted by September at the very latest. Thank you!

I believe that is all for now, we appreciate all the support, love and prayers we are getting. Thank-you ALL!

With love,
The Macks